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To keep things going you have to keep up the rhythm


Consistency from Sciral



Why you should give Consistency a try

We all face hundreds of 'tasks' in personal, private or professional life that we neglect all to often. Or better, that would benefit from just a tiny bit more... consistency. This is where Consistency from Sciral enters the scene.


It's not a calendar, it's not a to-do reminder

It's there for activities that don't have strict deadlines and that you have or want to perform on a regular basis over a long period of time.

Feedback is important for these type of tasks if you want to be able to evaluate how well you respect you own engagements over a period of time.


Consistency has only the looks of a spreadsheet

To help you to see how consistent you are, the cells are colour coded. After a while you discern colour patterns that highlight the tasks that seem less obvious to execute, thus need closer attention.

Each row is a task you set for yourself and each column a calendar day. How many tasks per project and how many projects ('classes' in Consistency) you set up is entirely up to you. You can create them 'ad infinitum' and start using this tool for hundreds of projects or long term plans (art fair participations to prepare, artists to follow-up, site maintenance, leisure, sports, reading, etc.).


Forget automated messages or alarms

It really is up to you to open it every day, see what tasks you have set for yourself and check-off what you have done.

There is no reminder that signals you whenever a task should be done. It is not even there to congratulate you when you perform a task within the time frame you have set for yourself. I admit, you are awarded a golden star when you respect them :-).


Consistency's real beauty? It invites you to become self-accountable

If you have read the 'About me' page, you will know I am often inspired by the Benedictine approach. When you stick to a 'routine', cut long time projects into bit-size chunks of revolving tasks, life becomes a lot easier and things get done more swiftly.

Consistency is the ideal tool to achieve exactly that: learn or teach yourself some new habits until they are solidly installed in your every day routine. I have used it since 2006 and it has made a big difference in my life.


Will this tool work for you?

The best way to find out is to use it. It's utterly easy to program and extremely simple. You can download it for free and use your unregistered version as long as you like. What more is: the unregistered version is even fully featured!



Feel welcome to comment, ask or suggest any additional information on Consistency from Sciral.


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Luuk Christiaens


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