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How your email signature files become a give away

We are all confronted with our daily avalanche of emails. After answering them as efficiently as possible we sign off with a 'Best regards', 'Sincerely' or 'Best', our name and coordinates. Presto, finished, done. Next. Still a couple of dozens of emails to deal with. But wait.


Did you ever think to do something extra with your signature?

You almost certainly did. To avoid retyping these lines over and over, you've grouped them in a signature file of your email program. Maybe you even prepared different signatures for your private messages, for messages to friends, for business purposes and so on. You even included a link to your homepage in the last line of the signature.

Excellent move to promote your gallery's site if you do. But there's even better.


Now, isn't that a smart tool?

By adapting the last line of your message you can create a surprisingly accurate 'give away'. A little extra to point people to pages they normally don't visit or aren't even aware of.


Why not make your signature work a bit harder?

You see, a signature file is much like a business card. It's purpose is to attract. The link you put at the end of your signature file doesn't have to point to your home page. It can point to any page on your gallery's site, any document. In fact, it's the most flexible email feature you can dream of. As long as what you put in the link fits in with the messsage in your email.

With one exception.


If you answer a client's question, it's client first

Always look at the type of requests you receive. If a collector asks you something about an artist, you don't link to the latest exhibition of another artist. If someone asks you about art fairs, you don't point to your latest catalogue.

Instead of inviting some action or presenting a little extra, your signature becomes too pushy and turns into advertising. This is not the purpose of your signature line.


Proceed as subtly as possible

The signature is only there to arouse curiosity, to attract, to point the visitor to a little extra that adds something personal to your message. It shows you care for him.

You only have to add 'Don't forget to have a look at the little surprise at the end of my email.' to make it act as a surprise, a special attention. If you adopt this strategy frequently enough, people will start to look out for messages from you.


It will not always be possible

True, you can't expect to find the perfect combination all the time. But try to figure out what could be a subtle gift for your correspondent. If you can't come up with something, stay with the link to your homepage. It will add to the surprise if you can link-in a little extra in your next message.


Make it a habit

Put a dedicated signature file wherever you possibly can. In your emails, in your forum posts, your general messages. Switch them regularly. You'll discover more and more opportunities.

Who knows, maybe you'll receive a lot more emails and messages from now on too. People love to receive little surprises. Don't mind the extra work. Because it will become much easier to convert your visitors than before.



Advise me


Things you can do immediately

  • Make a list of all your upcoming exhibitions, art fairs and events in the coming year. Prepare a separate web page for each of them. Make a separate signature file for each and store them in your signature files folder, arranged by month, ready for use.
  • Make a list of all the publications (catalogues, monographs,...) you have published already or that you plan and do likewise.
  • Set up a little 'wish list' for each of your collectors, colleagues, museum directors, curators,etc. Think of little extras you could send them via your signature file and prepare their little give-away well in advance.


One last reminder

  • Be careful that your message never becomes pushy. It is a gift.
  • There are plenty of other channels to advertise your artists and your gallery.



Next step: read more on how to optimize your existing gallery's site using these easy-to-implement tactics.



If you haven't done so already:



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