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Do you qualify for this position as gallery director?

To meet its growing success a fast-paced contemporary art gallery is offering a unique full-time position as gallery director. To meet the gallery's high standards only applications of candidates with a proven record in a similar capacity will be retained.
Please apply only if you are willing to accept the irrevocable conditions.

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How to give your art fair announcements more impact

Congratulations. After months of impatient waiting, you finally received great news: your art fair application has been accepted. This major participation may well represent the crucial step towards international recognition. Reason enough to spread the news asap. Should sending your visitors to the site of the art fair do?

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How to turn an Error 404 page into a unique branding opportunity

Arghh.... the 404 File Not Found message. We all experienced it with our site. Did your visitor mis-type your URL? Or did he use an out-dated bookmark? For a start, don't blame your visitor.

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When did you send out your last survey?

A survey!? You run a contemporary art gallery, not a poll agency. I know. Still, seriously now: when did you ask your visitors' opinion about your gallery's site lately? Never done so far? Why should you anyway?

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How a few well-chosen words lead to priceless results for your visibility

Grace Kelly, Jacky Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn ... they all favored a discreet accessory as the finishing touch for their wardrobe: an unobtrusive necklace of natural pearls. Its effect on them was always stunning. Not in the least because it is priceless in all its facets. Now replace 'pearl necklace' by 'keyword phrase'.

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