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Can I make up by pointing you to a fascinating study?


I admit, 'Patrons and Painters' is a 'must read' for well...
art historians.

So, why suggest an academic study on Italian Baroque patrons and painters to gallery professionals specialised in contemporary art?

Because it is such an overwhelmingly detailed study? Or because it is considered a 'must read' for any art historian? I never adhered to this vision on things.

No, it simply is a fascinating read about works of art and artists still 'on live display' in Rome, Venice, Italian palazzi and royal residencies across Europe. Not to mention all leading museums worldwide.

During your read you will be tempted too to look for parallels between the art market during the Italian Baroque and the actual market. Wealthy patrons supporting their favorite artists, the star artists fetching fortunes while others are fighting to make a living, the shift in influence between artistic centers as a result of their economic decline or growth, the trade in art works or even the commercial successes of the first 'international' art fairs.

It is all omnipresent in this fascinating, classic study of Francis Haskell.




F. Haskell - Patrons and painters

Patrons and painters.
Art and society in Baroque Italy

Author: Francis Haskell
Publisher: Yale University Press, New Haven 1980
ISBN: 0-300-02540-8