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Usability issues seem non-existent ... until Steve Krug points them out




Front Cover Steve Krug's Don't make me think

Don't make me think

Author: Steve Krug
Publisher: Berkeley (CA), New Riders Publishers, 2006 (Second edition)
ISBN: 0-321-34475-8



Why you should read 'Don't make me think'

You can easily understand and implement what Steve Krug suggests even if you just follow-up on your programmer's interventions from the sideline.

Steve Krug would probably even be the first to admit that it is tempting for a private contemporary art gallery to invest in superior web design rather than taking care of the little annoyances he goes after.

Although the concepts of many gallery sites offer a unique visual experience, they do so all too often at the expense of clear navigation and sound structure.

This is mainly because the concept is too absorbed by the design and the conventions within the art gallery world. Ease of use gets overruled by the lavish, often minimal look & feel.

Small details look obvious... only after Steve Krug has pointed them out

He observed how visitors actually interact with web sites, rather than how you believe they look at your gallery's site.

Written in a conversational style, for non-technical people, it's a wonderful invitation to try to understand the many questions your visitors are facing.

Although many usability problems seem evident at first, 'Don't make me think' is a real eye-opener to some vital but often overlooked details, especially on gallery sites.

Yet, above all it is a genuine checklist to ensure you have covered at least all the basics. Read, check your gallery's site and implement. Your visitors will thank you because a smooth navigation and an easy-to-follow structure only add to the unique experience you want to offer them with each exhibition.



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