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I would love to know. Nothing is unimportant, too small or too big.

If there is something I can fix, I will certainly do it.

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Why opt for one-on-one consulting sessions

If you contact me to start a one-on-one consulting project, it's because you feel that your gallery's site is not doing as you would like, you don't get a grib on it, you want to learn more about some aspects of web marketing or social media, or ... .

Fuzzy? Well, it should be.

I've learned from experience that a fuzzy vision at the start brings us farther and returns better results than being bound by fixed, almost pre-defined outcomes.

In this regard one-on-one consulting in person offers nothing but advantages and opportunities.
We can elaborate our findings and re-adjust on the spot thus allowing me to pass on more accurate information to you in a direct informal approach.


Reasons are legion

You can ask me to help you with all aspects covering your web presence and site's performance presence, your email marketing issues and web activities in general.

You should contact me when:


I have often been contacted with purely technical questions

Full disclosure: I am 'familiar' with the basics of web coding and programming. I 'read' the source code of a web site, but I decided to leave the design, programming and implementation to others.

Nevertheless I will be glad to point you to a solution for your technical problems. Rest assured, I do it plain English so you are able to brief and follow up on your technical team on what to do.


No tabula rasa plans, earthquake strategies or extreme make overs

There is no such thing as a quick fix solution. Never expect me either to ask you to take your gallery's site down or to start all over again.

I strongly believe in almost unnoticed, smooth changes based on a step-by-step approach: aspect after aspect, component after component, feature after feature. Each change followed by the necessary test time to see if what we agreed upon in our project reflects in the results you expect.

So far, moving smoothly to the end result we set together has proven to be a unique method to achieve lasting results.


How we proceed

When we agree to start our consulting project I will always send you a concise questionnaire. Consider it a preliminary worksheet.

These questions are aimed at giving me a better view of what you want to achieve for your gallery, your gallery's site or staff members responsible for its development and maintenance.

At this stage I will already have visited your gallery's site in detail. Your answers should enable me to balance your plans and expectations with my findings.


Strictly planned

Even when at the start you may have a fuzzy idea where our common project should bring you, I always follow a strict planning from the first meeting on.

More often than not general questions engender complex answers. Balancing all resulting opportunities takes time to unveil the changes that will result in the decisive difference we want to achieve.

Without a strict frame and action plan on how to achieve the desired outcomes, similar projects have all too often resulted in pure frustration.


Going the extra mile for you in Europe

With one of the highest concentrations of private art galleries and major art fairs within a radius of less than 500 km, I live literally with my fingers on the pulse of the European art gallery world.

We can plan our meetings wherever you prefer. London, Paris, major German cities or Amsterdam take no more then 3 hours by train. By plane to Berlin, Basel or even Barcelona is even less. This allows me to easily schedule half-day consulting sessions in the afternoon or full day sessions spread over an afternoon and a morning session.

Nevertheless, I prefer to keep travel costs to the strict minimum. Plus we both must judge it reasonable to travel. Rest assured, I am always glad to travel the extra mile.


What about contemporary art galleries worldwide?

Consulting in Europe must read like a luxury situation to non-European based art galleries. It sure is. Nevertheless, I want to offer a similar opportunity to galleries outside Europe. I am preparing a online consulting program based exclusively on inter-active web tools and real-time applications that should become a valid alternative.

Please let me know via the contact link in the footer of this page if you are interested to participate in the test rounds I will set up to fine-tune the program.


Curious to know how working together will benefit your gallery's site?

If you feel ready to discover how smoothly you can achieve to bring your gallery's site and your gallery to a higher level in the online art gallery world, please contact me. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

It will a pleasure to see together how I can help you in person.


Luuk Christiaens



Address: 4, place de Russeignies,
B-7750 MONT DE L'ENCLUS - Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)477 575 414 (mobile)
Skype: TAGHUB (by preference)


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