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'All Ears' one hour consulting

Sometimes questions need fast answers, ideas a intense check, decisive web pages a thorough step-by-step audit before going live.

During our 'All Ears' consulting hour, a one hour one-on-one consultation over the phone or Skype exclusively, you can ask me for solutions that help you out on the spot.

Don't consider it an emergency call, but rather an intense exchange of ideas in order to get you going.

You call me. I give you the answers you need, point you to the tools you should use, explain you the strategy you should apply or a tactic that seems the most appropriate at this moment.


Your investment

You pay $250 for the first 'All Ears' hour payable in advance via PayPal.

You may judge this to much of a risk or even exorbitant. It depends on what you call expensive. Most consultants will charge you to 'listen only'. I don't believe in the classical approach where the client is at the mercy of the expert with no exchange of ideas because the whole session is pre-set.

Within our 'All Ears' hour I don't deliver you a 'take it or leave it' proposal either. Or worse, standard ideas or strategies.

Based on your situation or problem you want to be solved you receive 'real life' advice and ideas you can act up on right away.

Plus links to tools, schemes, tactics and methods to assist you during implementation.


Your guarantee

If you don't see how what we have discussed during that hour can make you several times what you paid for it, you can ask for a complete refund. But there is one condition.

You will have to complete at least 80% of the assignments we've agreed upon at the end of the call to see results.

If you follow the assignments and you still don't get results, simply ask for your money back. I will be happy to refund your money with a smile.


Yes, you'll have assignments too

Within 48 hrs after our call, I will send you a resume of the assignments you should fulfill. The resume comes in the form of a mindmap that is based on the topics whe have discussed. Linked to the corresponding branche of the mindmap you will discover the assignments we agreed upon.

This mindmap will serve you as an extra guideline to achieve your objectives and meet your deadlines based on the goals we agreed upon.

And that's only part of the offering.


A little extra option that makes the difference if we 'Skype'

I have learned from experience that relistening to the audio of a consulting session has a great impact and offers tremendous benefits to 'digest' your learnings.

If you agree and the Internet conditions allow, I record our conversation for further use by you. This way during our call you can fully concentrate on the subject without being forced to divide your attention between taking notes and listening.

After the call you can download the mp3 recording via the link I will send you within 72 hours.


What will happen when you click the 'Buy' button

I have set up the transaction to be as secure and straightforward as possible. When you click the option of your choice you will be prompted by PayPal to complete your order.

Please note that:

When you click 'Review Order and Continue' you will be forwarded to a second page where you can add extra information in the 'Add special instructions to merchant' section. Please add:

Click the 'Pay Now' button at the bottom and you are set.


As soon as your payment notice is transmitted and approved, you will receive a concise checklist and a questionnaire asking you some additional information about your plans and goals for your gallery's site.

When you return these documents you will receive three possible time slots and dates based on the preferences you have sent when you signed up.


I accept only two consulting sessions over the phone a month

Therefore, due to my working schedule, you should contact me at least 3 weeks in advance.

Once a date is scheduled, normally within 72 hours of payment receipt, you call me on the allocated time. Don't forget to mention you prefer Skype in the special instructions section of your order.


One final detail

To get the maximum out of this dense hour you send me all your questions that you want to discuss well in advance. You can join them with the checklist and the questionnaire already, but I learned from experience that there are often 'last minute' questions popping up.

This doesn't mean we have to stick to the very same questions during our informal conversation. The more you detail your problem in advance, the better I can help you. I only want to be fully prepared to give you the best money and time value possible.





Luuk Christiaens


Contact me if some of your questions remain unanswered.



Address: 4, place de Russeignies
B-7750 MONT DE L'ENCLUS - Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)477 575 414 (mobile)
Skype: TAGHUB (by preference)


P.S. If you encounter any problem to get your payment across, please let me know.



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